Senate and House phone numbers
2019 Montgomery County Delegation

Photo Credit: Joseph Adrucyk, Governor's Office

2019 Montgomery County Delegation

Front row: Craig Zucker, David Moon, Cheryl Kagan, Ariana Kelly, Susan Lee, David Fraser-Hidalgo, Anne Kaiser, Nancy King. Second row: Will Smith, Lorig Charkoudian, Jheanelle Wilkins, Emily Shetty, Jeff Waldstreicher. Third row: Lily Qi, Sara Love, Kumar Barve, Kathleen Dumais, Pam Queen, Julie Palakovich Carr, Gabriel Acevero. Fourth row: Marc Korman, Vaughn Stewart, Jim Gilchrist, Bonnie Cullison, Lesley Lopez, Eric Luedtke, Brian Feldman, Jared Solomon. Back row: Kirill Reznik, Ben Kramer, Charlotte Crutchfield.

Representing the citizens of Montgomery County at the Maryland General Assembly.
These House & Senate Delegation email addresses do NOT automatically send emails to members of the Delegation.  If you would like to contact members directly please use their office email addresses. These can be found on the CONTACT PAGE Only emails sent to these Delegation addresses containing both the name and complete home address of the sender will be forwarded to the sender's district legislators.


April 9, 2019:

Montgomery County Delegation Completes Successful 2019 Legislative Session

Montgomery County Capital Projects - Non-Transportation or K-12 Education Related - Fiscal Year 2020



Please visit the calendar page for details regarding Delegation meetings:


5/22/19: House Delegation Organizational Meeting


Friday morning House Delegation meetings during the Legislative Session will now be live streamed via this House Delegation Facebook page

PLEASE NOTE that this Facebook page’s only purpose is to live stream these Friday morning House Delegation meetings.  There will be no other postings/communication through this Facebook page, and all other information will continue to be found on the Delegation website.



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