Montgomerty County Delegation
2009 Local Committees
The Chairman has made the following assignments to the local committees for the 2009 Session: All local and bi-county bills are assigned to one of the following committees for study and review before being voted on in the full House Delegation. The local committee then votes to make a recommendation to the full delegation. Each of the local committees is made up of a representative from each of the districts.
Bi-County Agency Committee County Affairs Committee Land Use and Transportation Committee
Del. Kathleen Dumais, Chairman (D-15) Del. Anne Kaiser, Chairman (D-14) Del. William Bronrott, Chairman (D-16)
Del. Luiz Simmons, Vice-Chair (D-17) Del. Roger Manno, Vice-Chair (D-19) Del. Karen Montgomery, Vice-Chair (D-14)
Del. Al Carr (D-18) Del. Saqib Ali (D-39) Del. Charles Barkley (D-39)
Del. Bill Frick (D-16) Del. Brian Feldman (D-15) Del. Kumar Barve (D-17)
Del. Tom Hucker (D-20) Del. Jim Gilchrist (D-17) Del. Henry Heller (D-19)
Del. Ben Kramer (D-19) Del. Ana Sol Gutiérrez (D-18) Del. Heather Mizeur (D-20)
Del. Kirill Reznik (D-39) Del. Sheila Hixson (D-20) Del. Craig Rice (D-15)
Del. Herman Taylor (D-14) Del. Susan Lee (D-16) Del. Jeff Waldstreicher (D-18)

      Bi-County Agency Committee: This committee works on all WSSC bills as well as M-NCPPC bills which do not deal with land use
     or transportation issues.

      County Affairs Committee:  This committee works on all local legislation, with the exception of transportation related bills.

      Land Use and Transportation Committee:  This committee works on M-NCPPC bills which deal with land use issues as well as
     any legislation related to transportation issues.