MC 7-23 – Voting Systems – Ranked Choice Voting and Inclusion of City of Takoma Park Municipal Elections on the State Ballot
Requested by: Delegate Moon
Co-sponsors: Delegates Charkoudian and Wilkins
Synopsis: For the purpose of prohibiting the State Board of Elections from certifying a voting system unless the State Board determines that the voting system will be capable of tabulating ballots cast in an election conducted using ranked choice voting; requiring the State Board to acquire additional voting machines and independent software to tabulate ranked choice voting results if the City of Takoma Park’s municipal elections are approved by the State Board to appear on the State ballot; providing that the City of Takoma Park is not required to reimburse the State Board or the Montgomery County Board of Elections for additional costs incurred under certain provisions of this Act; and generally relating to voting system requirements and inclusion of City of Takoma Park municipal elections on the State ballot.
Bill Text: Read bill in pdf here
House Bill Number: HB0334
Chamber Date Action Documents
Montgomery County House Delegation 11/4/22 Education, Elections, and Housing Committee  
  12/15/22 Montgomery County Delegation Bill Hearing - 7:00 p.m.
The hearing will be live-streamed on the Delegation's YouTube page.
  12/20/22 Education, Elections, and Housing Committee Meeting - Favorable (6-0)
  1/13/23 Montgomery County House Delegation Meeting - Favorable (23-0)
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