Montgomery County Delegation

Montgomery County House Delegation  

Friday, March 14, 2008 
10:00 AM
Montgomery County Delegation Room
170 Lowe
House Office Building
Annapolis, Maryland

Revised AGENDA


Land Use and Transportation Committee Report:


 ·   MC 819-08 (HB 829) -  Montgomery County – Speed Monitoring Systems – Citations for 
                        Subsequent Violations – Restriction
        Requested by - Delegate Saqib Ali
Montgomery County House Delegation LUT Committee - UNFAVORABLE


·   MC 823 - 08 - Montgomery County – Speed Monitoring Systems – Location
        Requested by - Delegates Kirill Reznik and Saqib Ali


Bi-County Agency Committee Report:


   ·   PG/MC 115-08 Prince George's County - Energy Tax - Washington Suburban Sanitary 
                                Commission (HB 929)
        Requested by - Delegate Anne Healey
        Prince George's County House Delegation - FAVORABLE
        Montgomery County House Delegation Bi-County Agency Committee - FAVORABLE










*Please note that all meeting dates, times and agendas are subject to change at the discretion of the Chairman.