MC 8-22 Montgomery County - Economic Development - Business Improvement Districts
Requested by: Delegates Charkoudian, Moon & Wilkins and Senator Smith 
Synopsis: For the purpose of altering, for purposes of provisions of law governing business improvement districts located in Montgomery County, the definition of “members of the district” to include certain commercial tenants; altering the membership and appointment of the board of directors of a certain district corporation; altering the procedures by which certain persons may apply to establish a district corporation or expand the geographic area of a district; limiting the imposition of a certain tax to certain owners of nonexempt property; providing for the retroactive application of this Act; and generally relating to business improvement districts and district corporations in Montgomery County.
Bill Text: Read bill in pdf here
House Bill Number: HB1340
Chamber Date Action Documents
Montgomery County House Delegation 11/4/21 Assigned to the Economic Development Committee  
  12/15/21 Montgomery County Delegation Bill Hearing - 7:00 p.m.
The hearing will be live-streamed on the Delegation's YouTube page.
  1/5/22 Economic Development Committee Meeting - Hold
  1/20/22 Economic Development Committee Meeting - Hold
  1/27/22 Economic Development Committee Meeting - Favorable with amendments (6-0)
  1/28/22 Montgomery County House Delegation Meeting - Special order
  2/4/22 Montgomery County House Delegation Meeting - Favorable with amendment (unanimous)
Montgomery County Senate Delegation 2/22/22 Montgomery County Senate Delegation Meeting - Favorable as amended by House Delegation
House 2/11/22 First Reading - Environment & Transportation Committee  
  3/8/22 Environment & Transportation Committee Hearing - 1:00 p.m.  
  3/16/22 Favorable Report by Environment & Transportation Committee  
  3/16/22 Favorable Report Adopted
Second Reading Passed
  3/17/22 Third Reading Passed (137-0)  
  4/7/22 Returned Passed  
Senate 3/17/22 Referred Finance Committee  
  3/29/22 Finance Committee Hearing - 1:00 p.m.  
  4/4/22 Favorable Report by Finance Committee  
  4/5/22 Favorable Report Adopted
Second Reading Passed
  4/6/22 Third Reading Passed (45-0)  
Action after passage 5/12/22 Approved by the Governor - Chapter 283  
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