Montgomery County House Delegation Meeting
Friday, January 21, 2022
9:30 a.m.
via Zoom


(*Revised 1/19/22)


  • U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen

Bill Hearing:

  • MC 24-22 Montgomery County – Board of Education – Data Disaggregation Policy and Racial Disparity Comparisons
    Requested by Delegates Qi, Barve & Moon

  • MC 25-22 Montgomery County - Deer Hunting - Sundays
    Requested by Delegate Fraser-Hidalgo

Late-filed Bill Request:
(2/3's majority vote in House Delegation needed to be accepted as late-filed and scheduled for a public hearing)

  • MC 26-22 Montgomery County – Board of Education Residence Districts - Ken Gar Neighborhood
    Requested by Delegates Carr, Shetty & Solomon and Senator Waldstreicher

Voting Session - Special Order Calendar:

  • MC 18-22 Montgomery County - Automated Traffic Enforcement - Implementing Agency
    Requested by Delegates Crutchfield, Acevero, Carr, Lopez, Moon, Queen, Shetty, Solomon, Stewart & Wilkins
       Land Use, Transportation, and Public Safety Committee - Favorable

Voting Session - Metro Washington Area Committee Report (1/17/22):

  • PG/MC 103-22 Bicounty Commissions - Ethics - Certification of Compliance
    Requested by Delegate Carr
       Metro Washington Area Committee - Favorable with amendment
  • PG/MC 109-22 Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission - Plumbing and Fuel Gas Services - Licenses and Penalties
    Requested by Chair on behalf of WSSC
       Metro Washington Area Committee - Favorable


*Please note that all meeting dates, times, and agendas are subject to change at the discretion of the Chair.